DJ K.C. Kam

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DJ K.C. Kam is a Malaysian musician, DJ, entertainer and soon to be record producer. His past alias was previously known as DJ Danny. However, now, he is best known for his work as DJ K.C. Kam.

DJ K.C. Kam had always been interested in music & passionate to it. He first started off as a guitarist during high school days. Getting into DJing has always been a goal in mind because music brings people together, uniting people as one regardless of gender, race, age etc. Seeing that happening from stage/DJ console brings a set of joy, peace & satisfaction in himself. He graduated from 2 DJ Academy from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (SoundKontrols) & Jakarta, Indonesia (DOMS).

DJ K.C. Kam comes from a middle-class family, where he shuffled his way through the educational system and moved on to the nearest state university to pursue a degree in commerce with a major in accounting.

He has performed in various gigs both in Malaysia as well as in Indonesia regularly. He also performs in various big & special events for Company and individuals be it for birthday parties, wedding events, Company events or private functions. To name a few clubs and events that he has performed and take part in such as Long Bar Club, Vogue Club, Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party etc.

His musical influences have mostly been Trance & top-40 chart. His musical style is a generic mix of trance and R&B, mostly chosen from whatever tracks show up on DJ/music-charts.

Besides, his major musical influential artists would be Tiesto & Armin Van Buuren, where these two artist truly inspire him.


Signing off with DJ K.C. Kam’s tag line “Is all about having Originality, Being Versatile & Making It Matter”


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