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Traktor 2 Bible

Author: Rainer G. Haselier
Digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2,
Traktor Scratch Pro 2, Traktor Duo 2
and Traktor Scratch Duo 2

For Traktor version 2 and higher

English Edition edited by Karl Yates
Moderator of the Native Instruments Traktor user forum

374 pages
Format: 17x24cm, 6.7″ x 9.6″

In the two years since the first edition of Traktor Bible was published, Traktor Bible has become the de-facto standard reference for digital DJs using Native Instruments Traktor. Thousand of readers worldwide (including the R&D departments of some well-known controller manufacturers) use Traktor Bible to learn Traktor, for troubleshooting purposes, and to create customized controller mappings.

UK magazine Future Music reviewed Traktor Bible 2nd edition and rated it with 9/10.

Traktor 2 Bible is the practically oriented compendium covering all aspects of digital DJing with Traktor Pro 2, Traktor Scratch Pro 2, Traktor Duo 2 and Traktor Scratch Duo 2. The book provides answers to questions that Traktor newbies are faced with and it also covers features that experienced users may struggle with. The selection and the weighting of the topics were strongly influenced by research in the Traktor user forum on the Native Instruments website. This was to make sure that the issues that prey large on the minds of Traktor users are covered in detail and that useful solutions can be provided.

The Traktor 2 Bible uses a proven practically oriented approach. In the Traktor Bible all information regarding one topic is brought together in one chapter and things are explained from a practical point of view. This includes documenting the MIDI commands that are needed for automating the workflow.

For example, the chapter covering cue points and loops describes how cue points and loops are set and stored in the Traktor user interface. Additionally, the same chapter contains all information about the MIDI commands of the presented features. This approach makes it very easy to map the necessary functions to the keyboard or a MIDI and HID controller.

Several chapters contain tutorials with step-by-step explanations of the more complicated Traktor features. Many “HOW TO-Sections” show how things are done in the Traktor user interface, and how they can be implemented via MIDI mapping.


  • First Steps: Setup Wizard, Layouts, and Audio Configuration
  • Traktor Scratch Pro 2/Duo 2and Timecode Control
  • Loading and Mixing tracks
  • MIDI, Controller Mappings, Modifier, Hotkeys, Macros and LED Output
  • Organizing Tracks
  • Staying in Sync – Beat-, Bar- and Phrase Matching
  • Beatgridding Tutorials
  • Using Cue Points and Hot Cues
  • Loops and Samples
  • Equalizer, Key and Harmonic Mixing
  • FX – the Traktor Effects
  • Recording Mixes with the Audio Recorder


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