1. What is the difference between SoundKontrols DJ Academy in comparison to other Academy?

The biggest difference would be  our comprehensive course syllabus which other academies  does not have detailed syllabus unlike us.  Secondly, we cover theory, practical and on the job training for all our students. In addition, our certified instructors dedicate 100% of their time with the students to ensure we maximize their time. We also provide course notes, books, DVDs and other reading materials to prepare them for multiple choice exam before they are awarded the certificate of completion. 


2. What kind of equipents do you use?

All students get trained with Turntables first. Students are not allowed to use CDJ until they have perfected the art of beat matching and BAR mixing with Turntables.


3. Does your syllabus cover Digital Vinyl System (DVS) such as Serato or Traktor?

Yes, our syllabus covers Traktor & Serato from day one the students enroll. Students use DVS to learn the basic beat matching while simultaneously covering every aspect of DVS. This makes learning interesting and the students cover the technology aspect as well. For more information about our course syllabus visit http://soundkontrols.com/v1/archives/category/dj-academy


4. How long does it take to master art of mixing?

We guarantee all our students to be able to master the art of mixing within 8 weeks. If within 8 weeks the students are not able to master the art of mixing, than we refund 100% of the course fees. We take pride in producing quality DJs to the industry and not just a DJ.


5. What genres does the Academy cover?

Students cover all genres as this is essential requirement to be a DJ. All our graduates are able to mix any genres (70s, 80s, 90s, current  Top 40, House, Techno, Trance) and any BPM(75 BPM to 135 BPM). We want our graduates to be VERSATILE.


6. What DJ equipments do you provide the students with?

SoundKontrols DJ Academy Student Workstation (Hardware & Software)


Fujitsu 2.33 GHz  Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2GB RAM

Asus 2.4GHz Intel Core i3 @ 4GB RAM



Gemini TT04 Turntables ( 2units)

Audio-Technica AT-LP120 Turntables ( 2units)

Ortofon Concorde PRO S ( 2units)

Ortofon Concorde Serato S-120 ( 2units)



Ecler NUO 2.0 ( 2units)

Pioneer DJM- 900 Nexus


CD Players

Pioneer CDJ-2000 ( 2 units)

Pioneer CDJ-400 (2 units)


Digital Vinyl Systems

Native Instruments Traktor Scratch PRO2

Native Instruments Traktor Scratch DUO2

Native Instruments Traktor Audio 10 DJ

Native Instruments Traktor Audio 6 DJ

Rane Serato Scratch LIVE

Rane Serato SL3


MIDI Controllers

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol X1

Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol F1

Native Instruments Maschine

Novation Impulse 25



Audio-Technica SJ-3 DJ Headphones ( 2units)

JBL EON210P Monitor Speakers

M Audio BX5A Deluxe Reference Monitors


Production Software

Ableton Live Suite

Acid PRO



7. Does the Academy give the students to experience real live DJing in clubs?

Yes, all our students are given an opportunity to create a playlist and spin at local clubs along side with top DJs. These give the students’confidence of spinning  outside of  the studio. DJ 103 Live Mixing course syllabus was specifically tailored for students to spin in different clubs for 4 consecutive weeks.


8. Does the Academy teach students how to speak on the mic?

Students are taught on how to speak on the mic which is part of the course syllabus (DJ 102 Advanced Mixing). In order for students to graduate, it is compulsory that they pass the vocal exam which includes the art of  using microphone.


9. Are given the opportunity to record our own mix tape?

Yes, without recording a mix tape,  students will not be able to graduate. It is compulsory for students to create a minimum of 3 mix tapes before they are awarded with the certificate of achievement.


10. What are other benefits do we get of being a student with SoundKontrols DJ Academy?

All graduates are automatically enrolled into SoundKontrols DJ Academy Alumni where they stand a chance to learn more from other graduates and instructors. They also expand their network with other renowned DJs as well as getting the latest technology update from the Academy itself.


11. Do you have any age limit for students at the Academy?

No, we don’t have any age limit. Our youngest student was only 8 years old and oldest student was 50 years old.  Both students graduated from the Academy. As long as the students have a burning desire and passion for music, we will transform them to become a “GOOD” DJ.


12. What other aspects of DJing do you teach at the Academy?

We teach more than just art of mixing. At our Academy we teach students how to become a PRO DJ. To become a PRO DJ, our students will be taught how to market themselves, DJ Profile, DJ grooming, Mobile, DJ Contract and website which is essential.


13. How qualified are your instructors at the Academy?

We have a total of 60 years of industry experience combined from our 4 instructors. Each of our instructors is master on their own field. In addition, we have Certified Traktor and Serato instructors who teach according to the specific Digital Vinyl System syllabus.

14.  What kind of exams to you give to the students at the Academy?

Our multiple choice exam covers theory which is normally derived from course notes and books. The exam ensures the students fully understand the theory of DJing and not just practical. In addition, we also have vocal exam which covers the on how to present information as a DJ over the microphone.

15. How do we get in touch with SoundKontrols DJ Academy?

You can contact us via email at djacademy@soundkontrols.com . Alternatively you can reach us at +6016 216 9474 or +603 795 68672 for a free tour of our state of the art studio and preview of our academy syllabus.




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